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No contracts. Just access to great classes, workshops, and events.


Classes are assigned a credit value. You purchase credits according to which classes you want to take. The more credits you purchase at once, the lower the price per credit.


Workshops and courses can be purchased a la carte on the Special Events page, or you can request credits from a pass be applied to a workshop or course.


Unlimited passes give you unlimited access to weekly and monthly classes -- everything you see on the calendar page!

PLEASE NOTE: All credits expire. Most passes expire 4-6 weeks from purchase date.

Ready to purchase? Head to our booking site:


Are you committed to your wellness journey? Monthly passes auto-renew and give you the flexibility to take any class on the calendar.

Single Adult:
$105 per month


Student or Adult Age 65+:

$99 per month


Only want to take 1 class? Drop-in passes expire 1 month from purchase date.

3-credit yoga, Tai Chi, Simply Sound, or meditation class:

4-credit cooking class:


5-credit Sound + Restorative or Sound + Reiki class:


NEW to our Wellness Lab? Try ALL the classes for 2 weeks! Expires 2 weeks from date of purchase.



Just want to take a couple of classes or a workshop plus a class? This is the pass for you!

Expires 6 weeks from purchase date.



Your best choice if you want to take a combination of classes, workshops, and courses.

Expires 6 weeks from purchase date.



Want to take 1 class per week? This might be just the ticket!

Expires 6 weeks from purchase date.


Workshops: 5-10 credits ($25 - $50), depending on topic. Multi-credit packages can be used to pay for workshops OR you can purchase workshops a la carte. Email to apply credits from a pass to a workshop.

Courses: 9+ credits ($45+), depending on number of classes and topic. Multi-credit packages can be used to pay for courses OR your can purchase courses a la carte. Email to apply credits from a pass to a workshop.


1) Weekly and Monthly Classes: Canceling your registration less than 1 hour prior to class will cause your credits to be used for that class. Those credits cannot be refunded or reallocated unless the class is canceled by the studio/teacher.

2) One-Time Workshops and Courses: Workshops and Courses only run if registration minimums are met by the registration deadline. All workshops and courses include a no-refund policy unless the workshop or course is cancelled by the instructor / studio.

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