Sound Healing

Good Vibrations Group Sessions

Each session begins with a guided meditation in which you are given the space to set your intention for the next hour.  During our time you will experience sounds and vibrations from voice, stringed instruments, chimes, steel tongue drum, nature sounds, and singing bowls.


You'll be able to rest in any position you find comfortable (sitting or lying down). Then, just be still and connect to the vibrations, rhythms, and harmonic and melodic sounds. 


WHEN: Beginning August 21, 1st and 3rd Sundays, 6-7 p.m.

COST: $20/person.


REGISTER: Send payment to Venmo: @Christy-Williamson-13 or PayPal: @InTuneRhythm

No refunds. If you are unable to attend your session, you may gift your registration to a friend.


Christy is musician, singer-songwriter, and owner of InTune Rhythm where she teaches private guitar, ukulele, and performance.  She is also a certified Mindfulness Coach and Sound Healer. Christy lives in Pendleton with her husband Marcus, 2 amazing children, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and a couple of birds. 


What is Sound Healing?

Daily stress, anxiety, depression, over-stimulation...  These are all common responses to our busy, grind culture. Sometimes we just need a restart: a space to be still, listen, and heal.  

The idea that sound deeply affects our mind, body, and spirit is an ancient practice across all cultures and beliefs. Because of its rhythmic and repetitive aspects, music engages the neocortex of our brain, which calms our nervous system. 

Soothe your nervous system with a soul-nourishing sound healing session.

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Balance your energy with Yoga, Reiki, and Sound Healing!