Frequently Asked Questions About Reiki

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What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress-reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing and well-being. The Reiki energy disempowers the negative energy and prevents it from causing further harm.

How is Reiki performed?
In a Reiki session, the practitioner's hands may be a few inches above the body beginning at the head, ending at the feet while avoiding all sensitive body parts. A warm and soothing energy flows from the hands of the practitioner into the client. Reiki may also be done with the use of standard hand placements with a light gentle touch. Let your practitioner know prior to your Reiki session if your preference is light touch or no touch.

During the session, the client will be lying on his/her back on a comfortable massage table fully clothed. Unlike massage therapy, during a Reiki session there is no disrobing. Wearing loose or comfortable clothes that place no external tension on the body is recommended during a Reiki session. Soothing and soft ambient music will play in the background to aid and promote relaxation.

How long is a Reiki Session?
A Reiki session typically lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour.


How many Reiki Sessions do I need?
A series of Reiki Sessions for continuous balance and wellness maintenance are recommended. How many Reiki sessions and how often they are provided will be different for each individual and it will depend on the current wellness goal. Your body will tell you how much Reiki it wants and needs; listen to your body.

This information about Reiki has been provided by Vanessa Bonet of Moon Goddess Yoga. | (864) 707-3657

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