Private Appointments

IN-STUDIO and ONLINE appointments are available. Please contact the instructors directly to inquire.

Some instructors and providers offer private sessions at Green Heart Awakening. You will book your session time with and pay the instructor / service provider directly. Please note that different instructors and providers have different prices for their services and different cancellation policies. ***We currently require anyone inside our space to wear a mask. See our COVID-19 Class Policies. Please consider your comfort with this policy when scheduling in-person appointments at the studio. The exception to this policy is Nourish-Minute appointments during which you will be alone in the space.***

Private Studio Reservations

Private studio reservations give you 2 hours of time in which you have full use of the Green Heart Awakening studio space just for you! Due to COVID-19, we are unable to loan out yoga props, but you are welcome to bring what you need from home. You can choose to relax and read a book, nap, journal, work, rest, plan, dream...anything! You can settle into a restorative yoga pose or two. You can use the space to meditate or write in a journal or create art. If you need space to work, we can accommodate you! What would you do with 120 minutes of "me" time?


**Private Studio Reservations are for 1 person at a time, not groups. Please contact Melissa at if you would like to set up studio time for your group.**

Private Studio Reservations are $12 for 2 hours

Reserve your studio time now!

Green Heart Awakening Studio

Private Yoga with Vanessa

Private yoga sessions can be a great way to work on specific poses, to nourish yourself with a class designed just for you, or to share a yoga experience with a small group of friends. Contact Vanessa or visit her booking page for more information about scheduling a private yoga session.

Prices for yoga only (no Reiki) start at $40 per hour.

Vanessa Bonet

Private Reiki with Vanessa

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress-reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing and well-being. The Reiki energy disempowers the negative energy and prevents it from causing further harm.

Read some Frequently Asked Questions about Reiki.

Prices start at $55 per hour. More information here.

Vanessa Bonet

Private Yoga with Melissa

Melissa offers private yoga sessions for individuals and small groups at the Green Heart Awakening studio and at the SC Botanical Garden. Interested in a focused session just for you or your small group? Contact Melissa today!

Prices start at $40 per hour.

Melissa Powell

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